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The all-new Thinkware Q800PRO is the perfect harmony between design and performance. Encased in an industry award-winning design lies a new optical lens and an improved 5.14MP Sony STARVIS image sensor that delivers strikingly clear video quality in 2K QHD. Its advanced driver assistance system can warn you of potential forward collisions and lane departures along with alerts for red light cameras and speed cameras.


  • Front and Rear facing cameras
  • 2K QHD Resolution
  • Super night vision 2.0 with SONY STARVIS
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in GPS
  • Collision and speed camera warning system
  • Parking surveillance mode
  • Thinkware cloud-capable
  • Impact notifications
  • Remote live view
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Anti-file corruption

2K QHD Resolution

Capture 30fps in crystal clear video in high quality 2K QHD.

Super Night Vision

Thinkware's Super Night Vision technology captures crystal clear, high-quality video in any low-light condition including late nights, tunnels, dark alleys, and parking garages.

Parking Surveillance

Multiple modes provide options for parking surveillance. Time-lapse records footage at 2FPS for recording longer periods of time without increasing power consumption. Motion detection records any motion around the vehicle. Impact detection does... you guessed it, record any impacts made with the vehicle. 

Energy Saving Parking Surveillance Mode

The dashcam goes on standby when entering Parking Surveillance mode and wakes up to record events triggered by impacts only. This allows the dashcam to conserve energy and increase up to 3 times the total duration of the dash cam’s Parking Surveillance mode.

Thinkware Cloud 2.0

The Q800PRO's cloud capability makes it possible to check the activity of your vehicle remotely. Impact notifications, vehicle location, live remote viewing, and geo-fencing is ideal for families or businesses with multiple vehicles. 

* THINKWARE CLOUD requires your smartphone or mobile hotspot device's internet connection to be paired with the Dash Cam while driving to send and receive notifications.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Receive audible warnings of impending forward collisions, front vehicle departures, and lane drifting.

Safety Camera Alert

Alerts driver of speed and red-light cameras.


Super Capacitors and Thermal Sensor provided added safety and reliability in extreme temperatures. Anti-file corruption protects your memory card from corruption and lost footage.

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