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"At the core of our strategy is a razor-sharp focus on making the best dashcams. Just the best dashcams."

- Dr. Hyunmin Hur, CEO & Founder of Pittasoft (BlackVue brand manufacturer)


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The time has come that we introduce the BlackVue dash cam brand to you. Based in South Korea, they are one of the best manufacturers of dash cameras because of their strong dedication to providing customers a long lasting, high quality and reliable dash cam that has razor sharp resolution and perfect image quality.

BlackVue has introduced many amazing models of in-car video cameras in both single lens and dual lens configurations, each equipped with unique features that will make you instantly fall in love with them. 

The amazing features of these BlackVue cameras include:

  • High performance with amazing resolution and image results
  • Reliability & Longevity

If you are looking for a camera that will provide you with the level of protection on the road that you deserve, then the BlackVue brand will be perfect for you. The best part is that they innovate their technology every passing year to provide the customers with the newest technology.

BlackVue dash cameras are perfect for all types of uses, whether you are using it in your personal car for every day driving or putting it into your teen driver’s vehicle. If you are looking for dash cams for commercial or professional use, then look no further. BlackVue dash cameras are a favorite amongst Uber/Lyft/TNC drivers, business owners, fleet owners, and trucking companies. The BlackVue Cloud features allow for useful versatility for commercial use, and tamperproof features make it a must for business owners protecting their assets.

The capacitors used in the BlackVue Dash cams are much more heat resistant than batteries, making it a top performer for those interested in 24/7 parking mode recording. With the continuous evolution, the BlackVue dash cams have been made capable to accept a 128 GB memory card, beating out memory card capabilities of other manufacturers. These features make it clear why BlackVue has been considered a top performer in the market.

With the technological leap forward, it is an amazing choice for consumers. Many first time dash cam users will buy a cheap off brand, only to be disappointed and make the switch to the BlackVue lineup. Buy right first time, and buy a BlackVue – you won’t be disappointed.

Visit our BlackVue Resources page to learn more about what these dash cams are capable of, or for help on picking out the right BlackVue for your needs with our BlackVue Dash Cam Comparison Chart.