Did you recently purchase a dash camera and need some instructions on how to install it? Follow these steps below for a basic installation of your dash camera into your vehicle using the cigarette outlet plug. These instructions can be used with almost all dash cams. 


Step 1: Insert a memory card.

Insert the memory card (SD or microSD) into your memory card slot.


Step 2: Mount your dash camera.

If your dash camera comes with a suction cup mount, place it somewhere on the windshield that does not obstruct the driver’s vision. If your dash cam uses an adhesive mount, remove the adhesive and place the dash cam in the desired location. A popular place to mount the dash cam is in the center of the windshield behind the rear view mirror so it does not obstruct the view. If your dash camera has a rear camera as well, mount that camera too, and properly connect the two cameras (please refer to the camera's instruction manual).


Step 3: Plug the dash camera in!

Insert the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet


Step 4: Make sure the record light is on.

After plugging the dash camera into the power outlet, check to see that the dash camera is working by looking for the record light. Some dash cams will have audio alerts to notify that it is recording. Most dash cameras will begin recording once it is plugged in. The record light may be vary in shape and color from dash camera to dash camera, so make sure to consult your owner’s manual to ensure your dash camera is recording.


And thats all! You are now protected by your dash cam. 

Enjoy the comfort of being securely protected with a dash camera!If you have to make any adjustments to your dash camera, please do so while the car is stopped or safely off to the side of the road. Safety should be your main priority!