Are you a proud parent whose child just received their driver’s license? Learning to drive is part of growing up, but that doesn’t make you less concerned about your child’s abilities as an inexperienced driver. Inexperienced drivers are easily distracted and can compromise not only the safety of themselves but also the safety of others in the vehicle. As a worried parent, would you feel more at ease if you could monitor in real time your child’s driving, the inside of the vehicle, and the vehicle’s speed from anywhere in the world, whenever you wish? This means you can look to make sure they are not texting and driving, speeding, blasting music, or driving with people they are not supposed to (like members of the opposite gender). If all of this would help alleviate your concerns as a worried parent, then a dash camera is a savvy investment and perfect solution for you! With a dash cam, you can record and monitor your child’s driving habits, and in real time. This footage is useful for opening a dialogue around safe driving to correct risky driving behavior. According to a study by the American Family Mutual Insurance Company, installing dash cameras in cars of teenage drivers reduced the frequency and severity of risky driving events by 70%

What is a dash camera?

A dash camera is a video camera installed within the vehicle to record the exterior and/or interior of the vehicle. Dash cams come in both 1 channel models (meaning one camera only), and 2 channel models (meaning 2 cameras). The most common places for the camera to record are the front and rear exterior, or the front and the interior of the vehicle. The footage is stored onto a memory card so it can be viewed at a future time. When the memory card is full, the camera begins to overwrite its old contents (called looped recording).

Why use a dash camera?

A 2-channel dash cam is particularly popular among parents of teen drivers because the front camera can be used to record what’s in front of the vehicle and the second camera can be used to record the driver and interior of the vehicle and behind the vehicle. This footage is useful for providing parents with footage to review the driving habits of new drivers and pinpoint risky driving behavior. For example, with this footage, you can determine whether your child is driving distraction-free (from texting, other passengers), or who else your child may be driving with. Having this footage can allow for more open and constructive discussions about responsibilities as a safe driver, and correct risky behavior before it leads to an accident. Reviewing the driving footage with your teen can also help improve their driving skills and prevent accidents and tickets, making them safer on the road and keeping their insurance rates as low as possible. All of this will help you feel safer knowing your teen is engaging in safe driving habits and abiding by your rules.

An additional benefit of dash cams is that the recorded footage gives unquestionable evidence of what occurred before, during, and after an incident/accident, if one were to ever occur. This footage will help save massive headaches and troubles when proving innocence in a car accident or protecting your child against insurance fraud and false claims from other drivers.

The Perfect Dash Cam for Parents of Teen Drivers – BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR

Finding the right dash cam can be a daunting task, but we at DashCam Bros are here to help you choose the right dash cam and answer any questions. From our experience and customer feedback, we have found the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR dash cam to be perfect for the parents of teen drivers. BlackVue is a high quality, reliable dash cam brand that can be trusted to perform consistently (unlike a lot of other dash cams currently on the market). So what makes this dash cam perfect for teen drivers? We’ll dive a bit deeper into this below!

BlackVue’s Over the Cloud WiFi Capability Allows for Real Time Monitoring

This is one of the most important features that qualifies this dash cam as the best for parents of teen drivers. With the Over the Cloud WiFi feature, parents are able to connect to the dash cam to view live and recorded footage to monitor what is going on around and within the car in real time, from anywhere in the world. BlackVue’s innovative technology makes this the only company to currently offer such a feature.

This feature requires the dash cam to be connected to WiFi through a built-in WiFi connection in the vehicle, or through an external mobile hotspot connection (which can be purchased from your mobile phone provider for a reasonable price).

BlackVue’s Over the Cloud technology offers six extremely useful functions for parents:

  1. Live View: Allows remote viewing of dash cams in real time, from anywhere in the world, as long as your smartphone or tablet is connected to a valid internet connection.
  2. Remote Video Playback: Allows playback of recorded footage stored on memory card anytime from your smartphone/tablet.
  3. GPS Tracking: Allows tracking of car’s location and speed on a map.
  4. Speed Alert: Receive alert notifications on your phone when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.
  5. Emergency Alarm: Receive notifications on your smartphone/tablet when specific events occur such as impacts or disabling of the camera.
  6. Two-way Voice Communication: Allows voice communication with those in the car from your smartphone/tablet, via the dash cam.
  7. Video Backup: Allows movement of recorded footage files from the dash cam memory card to Cloud storage or directly to your smartphone/tablet. This ensures that important videos will not be overwritten and can be saved for future viewing.

You can probably see how many of these functions such as Live View, Emergency Alarm and GPS and speed tracking can be useful tools to monitor your child while driving and be alerted to certain events even if you are not monitoring in real time. If the parent is not available to view what's going on in real time, they can always view recorded footage later with the Video Backup and Remote Video Playback features. Below are a few videos demonstrating the features of the BlackVue Cloud app.




Infrared Recording Capabilities

The second most essential feature of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR dash cam that makes it perfect for parents is that it has infrared capabilities on the rear camera, which would be oriented to record the driver and passengers. The infrared enabled rear camera is extremely useful at night because it allows for clear recordings of the driver and car’s interior, even at night time. Driving at night can be one of the most dangerous times to drive so it is helpful to be able to monitor driving habits at night. There is no other dash cam that is currently on the market that can beat the night time quality of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR!


Below is a screenshot from real footage of the rear camera to demonstrate the capabilities of the infrared. You can see the faces of passengers perfectly. The infrared has no negative effect on daytime recording capabilities.

As you can see, the back row of seats is very well illuminated even in complete darkness.

Night Time Interior Recording with IR Camera Video Sample


At 3:06, you can see the quality of the night time image. 


Recording Quality

In addition to its infrared recording capabilities, the front dash camera records at 1080p HD in a 1920x1080 resolution at 30fps, resulting in high quality and detailed footage. This allows for even the finest details (i.e. license plates) to be recorded. The rear camera records at 1280x720 resolution at 30fps as well, and also has infrared capabilities to allow for better recording at night as mentioned above.

Memory Card

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR can incorporate up to 128GB of microSD card storage, which can allow between 20 to 40 hours of continuous recording (depending on video quality) before any overwriting of the memory card occurs. This allows for ample time to review footage before it is overwritten.

Other Capabilities

Both the front and the rear cameras are capable of rotating 360 degrees, allowing for greater flexibility when recording.

The dash cam also has abuilt-inn microphone for audio recording, with the option to quickly disable/enable temporarily or permanently this feature, allowing for more privacy.

With so much functionality, combined with the high quality video recording it can provide, the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR is a fantastic choice for parents who wish to monitor their teen’s driving.


The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR is extremely easy to install. The dash cam comes with everything you need to install the camera the same day. The install takes less than 15 minutes and you can follow this installation guide to install your new dash camera. You can also watch the video below for a demonstration of how to install the dash cam.


The only difference in installation from the video above is that both the front and rear camera should be mounted to the front windshield, rather than one in the front and one in the back (mounting both in the front allows you to record the drivers and passengers). The front camera should be mounted on the windshield right behind the rear view mirror and rotated to face the front of the vehicle. The rear camera should be mounted right below the front camera and rotated to face the driver and passengers. With this set up, you are recording the front of the vehicle with the front camera and the driver, passengers and rear with the rear camera. The mounts come with an adhesive pad that is as simple as peel and stick. For those wishing to have a cleaner more professional mounting of both dash cameras in the front, a shorter 1.5 m coaxial cable to connect the cameras can be purchased additionally here. The shorter cable removes the need to hide excess cable behind the headliner or body panels. Otherwise the standard 20 foot cable included with the camera can be used to connect the front and rear dash cam, and the excess cable can be lined around the windshield.


Once the cameras are mounted on the windshield, all you need to do is plug the power cable into the car's cigarette lighter outlet to power the dash cam and begin recording.


Why Buy from DashCam Bros?

Safe driving is one of the goals we look to promote here at DashCam Bros. We really are passionate about bringing technology to the market that promotes safe driving and makes the roads a safer place for everyone. 

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Buying from us means that you have a responsive sales team based in the United States to help walk you through installation, troubleshooting, or product defects. All our dash cams come with a one year warranty, and you deal directly with us for any issues rather than dealing with any overseas manufacturers.


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Additional Videos



This unboxing video shows what would come with the camera. The only difference in ordering the IR version is that the rear camera will come with the infrared enabled version.