Based in South Korea, BlackVue is one of the leading innovators and producers of top-tier dash cameras. If you are looking for a solid investment into a high quality dash camera, BlackVue is a brand you can’t go wrong with. Beginning with the BlackVue DR300 dash camera in 2007, BlackVue has consistently put new and improved dash cameras with updated technological capabilities throughout the years. But with so many upcoming and innovative BlackVue dash cameras to choose from, how should you pick the one you want to buy? The current relevant BlackVue dash cameras available on the market are: DR3500-HD, DR650GW-1CH, DR650GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH TRUCK, and DR750LW-2CH. Read below to find out which dash camera is the perfect fit for you.

We will separate them first by whether or not the model is a dual camera (2-channel) or single camera (1-channel).Dual cameras provide both a front dash camera and a second dash camera to see the inside of the car or behind the car. The 1-channel cameras are the DR3500-HD and the DR650GW-1CH. The 2-channel cameras are the DR650GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH-TRUCK, DR650GW-2CH-IR and DR750LW-2CH. All of BlackVue’s dash cameras come with detailed, full 1080p recording on the front cameras and loop record, meaning that the video is continuously written to the memory card as you drive. When the card becomes full, the dash camera loops back to the beginning of the memory card, overwriting the oldest non-event files first. All BlackVue cameras also are capable of recording audio as well! We will begin with the 1-channel cameras first.



While the DR3500-HD is essentially the “entry-level” dash camera of the BlackVue series, it is still a very quality dash camera! While it lacks GPS tracking and WiFi interface that more feature rich models have, it is one of the smallest and sleekest dash cameras BlackVue has to offer, and will perform all the basic dash cam features with reliability. With a 2M CMOS front camera, the DR3500-HD can capture high definition 1080p video. It has GPS capability (must be purchased separately), but lacks a WiFi interface, or other bells and whistles, but if you are simply looking for a top-quality dash camera on a budget, then the DR3500-HD is the one for you. See the specs below in comparison to other models.





The next dash cam is the is the DR650GW-1CH, which is a step up from the DR3500-HD. Unlike the DR3500-HD, the DR650GW-1CH comes with built-in GPS, WiFi interface, and an upgraded 2.4M Sony Exmor CMOS front camera. The Sony camera captures slightly better quality video and has better night-time vision. You may also purchase a larger memory card for the DR650GW-1CH (up to 128GB)  than you can for the DR3500-HD (up to 32GB). The WiFi interface also allows you to connect with the BlackVue App and Cloud, facilitating easier access and convenience to your newly recorded videos.


The DR650GW-1CH is one of the most standard and highly used dash cameras in today’s time due to its top quality all-around aspects. With its greater capabilities than the DR3500-HD, it serves as one of the most useful single lens dash cameras available on the market today.




With similar capabilities to the DR650GW-1CH, the DR650GW-2CH offers two channels of recording instead of one.  The 650 2-channel front camera has a gold-plated coaxial port next to the power cord, where you can plug in a second camera lens for simultaneous recording of two video streams. The second camera is extremely small and sleek; it is comparable to the size of a small chapstick. This allows the second camera to be placed virtually anywhere within the vehicle. While many users choose to place it on the back windshield to get a video feed behind the vehicle, the second camera can be placed anywhere including the side-view mirror or  inside the cabin to record the inside of the vehicle. The second camera delivers a 720p video recording with its 1M CMOS camera. Additionally, one of the highlights of the DR650GW-2CH is the number of accessories that can be fitted to the device to add more capabilities.

The DR650GW-2CH’s popularity rivals that of the 1-channel. It is one of the most utilized and purchased two-channel dash camera systems - and for good reason. By providing top quality video recordings on two fronts, along with a large variety of customizations and possible add-ons, the DR650GW-2CH remains one of BlackVue’s most popular dash cameras.




This model is particularly geared towards commercial vehicles. The only difference between the DR650GW-2CH TRUCK and the DR650GW-2CH is that the TRUCK version provides an externally mounted rear camera with a fully enclosed waterproof casing. The rear camera also features built-in infrared LEDs that will allow you to record video even if it is pitch black outside. This is perfect for essentially any large model vehicles such as tow trucks, delivery vans, large rigs, and even RV’s and trailers.




This model is particularly geared towards taxi's, Uber/Lyft drivers, or anyone who is more interested in recording the internal of the vehicle rather than the external. The only difference between the DR650GW-2CH-IR and the DR650GW-2CH is that the IR version provides an infrared enabled rear camera, giving much clearer video in the dark. 




The DR750LW-2CH is unique from the rest of the BlackVue lineup because the setup comes with a 4” LCD touch-screen, and  the rear view camera boasts an upgrade 2MP CMOS camera that allows 1080p video recording. From the screen, you can immediately play back recorded videos, change your settings, and view live feed from either of the two cameras.


The DR750LW-2CH lacks built-in GPS tracking, but this option can be added using a tiny external GPS antenna. However, it does come with the ability to monitor its own performance, and can turn itself off if the energy supply from the vehicle drops too low or the device becomes too hot. This keeps the dash camera functioning at optimal performance, and will extend the life of your purchase.