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As a Construction Company, Vehicle, or Fleet, you’ve invested a fortune into your company vehicles and the employees who drive them. Luckily, recent leaps forward in technology makes the dash cam the perfect way to protect those investments. If at anytime you are unsure which dash cam is best for your needs, either fill out the fleet wholesale form above, or call us at 833-CAM-BROS, email us at, or reach out to us using our live chat feature and our dash cam specialists will help.

Features of Dash Cams That Make Them Great For Construction Company, Vehicles and Fleets

  • Ability to record front, rear and drivers for maximum protection. We offer externally mounted rear cameras for larger trucks and commercial vehicles and infrared internal recording cameras for night time recording
  • Tamerproof capabilities to prevent unwanted tampering
  • Loop recording eliminates the need to remove the files that are stored on the removable SD card
  • Audio Recording
  • GPS Speed & Location Tracking
  • Built in WiFi
  • Some models offer cloud capabilities such as live streaming, location tracking and speed/driver monitoring, all in real time.

Top 8 Reasons You Need A Dash Cam For Your Business

  1. Accident Monitoring - to protect your company from liability in the event of an accident or incident. Dash-cam footage helps establish who is at fault without question.
  2. Mitigate False Claims/Passenger Complaints/Protect Employees From Physical Assault ­– Ever have someone complain about an employee’s driving habits or behavior or assault one of your employees? Put an end to false claims with recorded footage.
  3. Potentially Lower Insurance Rates – some insurance carriers offer a lower coverage rate when your vehicle has an active dash cam.
  4. Keep Employees Honest - Live GPS tracking can monitor the location of your vehicles at all times while tracking the driver’s speed.
  5. Reduce Employee Misconduct and Unsafe Driving – Letting drivers know they are being recorded helps reduce misconduct and bad behavior, cell phone use while driving, or other unwanted behaviors on the job.
  6. Improve training and best practices - Even your best employees have room to improve. Monitoring driving and behaviors will open insight as to how the company can continually improve and grow.
  7. Insure timely arrivals on the job and protect business operations – Monitor the time at which employees arrive to locations and monitor the loading/unloading process of inventory/assets.
  8. Protect your vehicles when parked - Current dash cams offer parking mode to document contact with the vehicle when it’s unattended.
  9. Don’t just see, hear as well - Dash Cams can capture sound on recordings, offering you the chance to hear how employees speak to customers and others they interact with.
  10. Speed up insurance claims process – Reduce valuable time wasted on the insurance claims process by speeding it up with irrefutable dash cam footage.


DashCam Bros has served businesses of all sizes, and industries such as:

  • Trucking and Delivery Fleets
  • Commercial Fleets of Various Vehicle Types
  • Taxi, TNC, Uber, Lyft Drivers 
  • School Bus Companies 
  • Bus Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • Limo or Limousine Companies
  • Repo or Repossession Companies
  • Drivers Education, Driving Schools or Student Driver Schools
  • Sprinter Van Fleets
  • FedEx Trucks and UPS Trucks