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These fuse taps (also known as ‘add-a-circuits’) will allow you to quickly and easily integrate your Power Magic Pro into your vehicle's electrical system in an non-invasive way by removing the need to cut or splice wires. It works by adding a new circuit to your existing fuse box by “piggy-backing” into it. Follow the instructions below to utilize your fuse taps.


Please select the correct fuse tap for your vehicle using the product's drop down box.

Available in the following fuse types:

  • Low-Profile Mini
  • Normal Mini (most common)
  • Micro2
  • Full size ATO/ATC/ATM


Fuse Type Diagram:


If ordering the bundle (which is recommended if you are unsure which fuse taps are needed for your vehicle), the bundle includes the following:

  • Two (2) Low-Profile Mini Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Normal Mini Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Micro2 Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Full size ATO Fuse Taps and Fuses



  1. Remove the fuse from the slot you want to use and put that fuse into the empty slot on the fuse tap.
  2. Insert the fuse tap into the now-empty slow. The existing circuit integrity will not be affected and will function normally.

The new circuit has its own fuse, so your device and vehicle are safe from shorts or other problems, and the existing circuit integrity is not affected and retains its original fuse and functionality. 



  • Compatible with 12/24v vehicle electrical systems
  • Multiple fuse form factors available
  • Length: 8" / 20cm
  • Included Fuse Rating: 2-5A


This item is sold in pairs of two, with two fuses included. 

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