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The Garmin Parking Mode Kit connects your Garmin dash cam to your vehicle's electrical system. The kit provides constant power to your Garmin, including while the vehicle isn't running, allowing your Garmin to utilize parking surveillance mode.

While in parking surveillance mode, your Garmin will monitor any front motion or sudden impacts and record accordingly. It will also safely turn off your dash cam in case the vehicle battery drops too low, which prevents you from having a dead car battery.

The Garmin Parking Mode Cable low-voltage cutoff level is set to 11.7v by default, which works well for most passenger vehicles. If you would like to raise this cutoff level to 12.0 or 12.3v, you simply unscrew the cover to the control box and move the jumper to the appropriate pins. 24-volt system cutoff levels (23.4, 24.0 or 24.6v) are also available for big rigs and other heavy-duty vehicles!


  • Cable Length - 12’ (4m)
  • Constant Power, Switched Power, and Ground Connections
  • MicroUSB Power Output
  • Automatic Low-voltage Cutoff
  • Adjustable Cutoff Levels: 11.7v(default), 12.0, 12.3 or 23.4, 24.0, 24.6

Compatible with the following Garmin dashcams:


CAUTION! Garmin strongly recommends having an experienced installer with the proper knowledge of electrical systems install the device. Incorrectly wiring the power cable can damage the vehicle or the battery and cause bodily injury.

  1. Route the parking mode cable accessory to a location in the vehicle with constant power, switched power, and a ground connection.
  2. Connect the BATT wire to a constant power source.
  3. Connect the ACC wire to a switched power source.
  4. Connect the GND wire to the bare metal of the vehicle's chassis using an existing bolt or screw.
  5. Plug the parking mode cable accessory into the USB port on the camera. 
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