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This warning sticker will inform passengers and other individuals that audio and video recording is in progress by your dash cam.

These decals/stickers mount to just about any flat metal or glass surface, and may be mounted inside or outside of your vehicle. Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface before attaching the sticker.

  • Internal version: adhesive on top of text (readable through glass)
  • External version: adhesive on bottom of sticker

Select the internal version that has the sticky side on the 'top' so you can attach the sticker to the inside of your window for an extra clean look (the text of the sticker faces outwards, through the glass, and is designed to be read by someone outside of the vehicle).

Select the external version (with the sticky side on the 'bottom') so you can mount the sticker to any surface (like a normal sticker). The external version can be mounted outside of the window and be readable by someone outside of the vehicle, or it can be mounted inside the window to be readable by someone inside the vehicle.


  • Dimensions: 3.5" Wide by 1.5" Tall
  • Printed on "Three-Year" outdoor gloss-vinyl with UV-resistant inks
  • Designed exclusively for The Dashcam Store™, Copyright © 2015
  • Made in the USA
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