BlackVue has now introduced the Over the Cloud technology, which allows you to make the most out of your BlackVue dash camera by connecting you to your car through the Cloud. Using the BlackVue App on your smartphone or tablet, you can see in real time where your car is located and what is happening around it!  

To use the Over-The-Cloud Technology, you will need to use a mobile/wifi hotspot to connect your BlackVue dash cam to. 

The current compatible models are versions of DR650GW (DR650GW-1CH, DR650GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH-IRDR650-2CH TRUCK) and the DR650S series (DR650S-1CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650S-2CH-IR). These models also must be running BlackVue firmware version 2.000 and over. DR650 Series models manufactured after April 2015 are running firmware 2.000 and over. If your dash cam was manufactured before April 2015, unfortunately it will not be compatible with BlackVue Over-The-Cloud. However, you will still be able to use the regular BlackVue App

To check if your model is compatible with the service and receive your Cloud security code, follow the next steps.


  1. You will need a photo of the product’s serial number and a screenshot of the default SSID, which shows the unit’s MAC address.
  2. Serial number: take a photo of the serial number sticker on your product or on the product’s packaging.
  3. MAC address: the default SSID of your BlackVue contains its MAC address. In case you changed the SSID, please update the firmware of your BlackVue to the latest version. This will reinitialize the SSID.



What's so great about the Over-The-Cloud technology?

  1. You can connect to your car at any time, anywhere. You can be alerted whenever events such as accidents or removal of your dash camera from the Cloud occurs.
  2. If you are a small business owner, you can monitor your delivery vehicles on a map in real time! You can directly communicate with them with the two-way communication function.
  3. If you are a large company, you can monitor all of your vehicles and significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs relative to other traditional surveillance systems. It also enables you to track all your data in real time!


What does features does the BlackVue Over the Cloud technology have?

Live View: You can remotely monitor your car in real time from your smartphone or tablet.

Two-way Voice Communication: You can talk with people in the car from your smartphone.

Emergency Alarm: You can receive notifications on your phone when specific events occur.

Video Backup: You can move files from your dashcam to the Cloud storage or directly to your smartphone/tablet, eliminating the worry of your videos being overwritten.

GPS Tracking: You can track your car’s location and speed on a map.

Remote Video Playback: You can play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime on your smartphone or tablet.


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Whats Included in my Free Cloud Account?



If you wish to purchase additional data, please visit the links below regarding additional plans you can purchase directly from BlackVue.


B2B Additional Data Plan Pricing

B2C Additional Data Plan Pricing