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Nextbase branded U3 Micro SD cards are the best storage solution for your new Nextbase Dashcam. SD cards are available in six different varieties, separated by speed. Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, U1, and finally U3. 1 has a write speed of up to 10MB/s and U3 has a write speed of up to 30MB/s, making U3 ideal for 4K video and RAW images shot in high-speed burst mode.

Nextbase memory cards are engineered to handle the harsh temperatures encountered inside current vehicles, as well as the frequent read/write cycles of full HD or 4K dashcams.

Compatible with all dashcams sold at DashCam Bros™, especially all Nextbase models.

Includes free microSD to SD adapter with every Nextbase memory card!

Check out our chart below for an estimate of how many hours of high-definition video can be kept on the memory card before recording begins all over again at the memory card's beginning (loop recording). Actual times may vary depending on resolution, channel count, framerate, and other factors:

Card Resolution Front-Only + Rear Cam
32GB 4K 1.5 hours 45 min
HD 4 hours 2 hours
64GB 4K 3 hours 1.5 min
HD 8 hours 4 hours
128GB 4K 6 hours 3 hours
HD 16 hours 8 hours
256GB 4K 12 hours 6 hours
HD 32 hours 16 hours
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