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Tamper proof dash cams are the perfect solutions for business owners and drivers who are worried about employees, or other drivers/third parties tampering with the dash cam to remove precious footage. Tamper proof dash cams allow for a lockable SD card slot, which prevents tampering with the SD Card. Dash cams such as the AVIC lineup has a lockable SD card slot as well, but takes it even further with a tamper proof electrical supply. The level of tamper proof protection needed depends on the specific needs of the user. These dash cams are perfect for a wide range of use which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fleet vehicles (trucking companies, delivery companies of all sizes, 18 wheelers)
  • Commercial vehicles (for both small and large businesses or any business that uses a vehicle)
  • Private, taxi, TNC, Uber, Lyft drivers (or professions where there are threats of false accusations)
  • School bus companies, Bus Companies
  • Transportation Companies, Limo or Limousine Companies
  • Repo or Repossession Companies
  • Drivers Education, Driving Schools or Student Driver Schools
  • Sprinter Van Fleets
  • Trucking Companies, Delivery Companies, FedEx Trucks and UPS Trucks
  • or any business that uses a vehicle

If you are unsure of which products would best suit the needs of your business or personal use, please reach out to us at anytime via email (, the Live Chat feature, or call us at 833-CAM-BROS and one of our dash cam solutions specialists will help you find the best solution for your specific needs. If you are looking to order a large number of cameras, please contact us as we do offer bulk discounts.