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Installation Kits

We offer installation kits that are built by our partner The Dash Cam Storeright here in the USA. These installation kits are used to integrate your dash cam into your vehicle's electrical system via the fuse box, rather than using the traditional method of plugging into the cigarette lighter outlet. This removes dangling cables from the dash cam to the cigarette lighter outlet, for a more clean, discrete  and professional set up. 

The integration is painless, and easy and does not require to cut or tap into any wires, and will not damage the wiring. These installation kit may also be easily removed, leaving your vehicle completely the way it was before install. These kits can also be used for other electronic devices such as radar detectors and GPS units. 

An Installation Guide from our partners at The Dash Cam Storecan be found here. We recommend having a professional install your dash cam if you are unsure of the proper and safe installation methods.

Selecting the right kit for your dashcam is simple. First you must identify the type of fuse your vehicle uses (ATO/ATC, Mini, Low-Profile Mini, or Micro2).

fuse type diagram

Then you pick the output that is compatible with your dashboard camera (Mini USB, Micro USB, or Coaxial).

If you are unsure which kit you need, please go ahead and order any kit, and enter your vehicle year, make, model and voltage (5V or 12V) in the order comments (e.g. 2010 Ford Explorer) as well as which dashcam you will be using, so our technicians can provide the correct kit for your application.