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Power Accessories

Here you will find dash cam power modules and replacement power cords.

Dash cam power modules integrate your dash cam into your vehicle's electrical system rather than cigarette lighter outlet to allow your dash cam to record even when the car is turned off.

Typically, a dash cam is plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter outlet, and when the car is turned on, the cigarette lighter outlet is powered, which then powers the dash cam to allow recording. When the car is turned off, the cigarette lighter outlet loses power, and the dash cam turns off. 

These power modules allow more control of when your camera is on or off, regardless of whether your vehicle is running, allowing your dash cam to record even when the car is not turned on. This is known as parking mode, allowing you to record your vehicle when it is unattended, capturing any hit and runs, or damage/vandalism/theft to your car while it is parked. 

A power module like the Power Magic Pro will also monitor the battery voltage and turn your dash cam off should the voltage go too low. This way, your car's battery will never be fully drained. 

We recommend having a professional install your dashcam power module.