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Dashboard Camera


There are so many different things you can do to upgrade your car these days, that it can be hard to know where to start. Should you get a better stereo system or heated seats? Do you want a custom paint job or fancy rims? While not as glamourous, one upgrade that you really should look into is getting a dashcam for your car. These cameras don’t have to be obtrusive, but there are a lot of benefits for using one, especially right now.



A dash cam can help eliminate some of the uncertainty that happens in the aftermath of an accident. Accidents are stressful enough, and sometimes, you don’t agree with who is at fault. If the accident occurs in front of your car, the dash cam will have evidence of what happened. It’s not a fool proof way to prove anything, but it can be helpful. Make sure you let your insurance company know that there is footage. If you are pursuing an accident injury claim, it is important that you find an experienced attorney who knows what to do with the footage. They can help you create a stronger case to prove your suit.


Protection from Thieves

Your car is valuable, and you want to protect it. Unfortunately, car theft happens a lot more often than we want to think. While your dash cam may not catch footage of the people who take your car, it can get footage of the surroundings. If your dash cam can be turned on from a distance or is automatically turned on every time the car is started, you have a great lead for the location of your car. This works best if your dash cam is relatively hidden, so the thieves won’t remove the dash cam.


Capturing Memories

Dash cameras don’t necessarily always have to be used for car accidents and protection. Everyone has seen some of the crazy dash cam videos that show freak occurrences or beautiful nature moments. You could capture all sorts of cool things such as a thunderstorm, rainbow or some sort of explosion. It could make for interesting fodder for social media, at the very least. You can also use it capture funny moments if you turn it around and film yourself and your passengers. This is much safer than trying to use someone’s phone.


Documenting a Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip across the country, a dash cam is one of the best ways to record your travels. Use it to record video of roadside attractions, weather events, or unexpected scenery. You can also use it as time lapse to show all the ground that you covered.


Endless Customizable Features

Depending on which make and model you choose, dash cameras are equipped with endless useful features and software, including audible notifications and integrated GPS. This will allow you the maximum safety and convenience. You won’t have to look at your phone and risk getting pulled over or having an accident.

To stay protected on the road, it’s a good idea to hook up a front and rear dash camera. It keeps you and your possessions safe and sometimes can record interesting footage in your travels.

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