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If you own a classic car and are wondering how you can keep that 'beauty' clean, 'alive' for years to come, and protected for whatever life throws at you then read on to learn about 5 maintenance tips that actually work.

Cover Your Car

It doesn't matter if you have a garage; just keep your car covered at all times. The air in the garage contains dust particles that can be harmful to your car. Even parking your car in a carport can offer protection. However keeping it in a cool, dark, dry place like a garage or storage unit is the most ideal for maximum protection.

If you park it outside, you also ought to cover it to protect it from natural elements. For example, rain can make your car corrode and rust easily. The sun can cause it to heat up and damage some internal parts. And ocean air can also negatively affect your car. Also don’t park over gravel because that can cause extra moisture to rise up from the ground and affect your classic car.

Regular Maintenance

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It helps to get your classic car checked every once in a while to make sure that it's in the best condition. Keeping your garage clean and organized for car maintenance is crucial if you intend to have the car checked from your premises.

If you do the maintenance yourself, giving your car regular oil changes can help it last longer and improve the driving experience.


One of the most effective ways to maintain and protect any car is to detail it. Detailing will help your classic car preserve that new appearance.

You can call a professional detailer or do the detailing yourself. Regardless, it's preferable that you let a professional detail your car at least two times per year.

Regular Cleaning

You should always wash your classic car before driving it. Use car washing fluid for the best results. After washing, rinse, and dry it well with a soft rag.

Cleaning protects your car's exterior from dust particles and pebbles that may ruin the paint while you're driving it. You might have to be careful what products you use and to make sure it dries out correctly.

Drive It

Image credit: InsideHook

Just because it's a classic doesn't mean it should stay in the garage. Unless you want all your maintenance efforts to go to waste, drive your car.

Driving makes sure that the engine is in good condition and all the parts are turning as they should be. Don't forget that driving can also be fun, and it can motivate you to take good care of the vehicle. Be careful where you drive your car, like avoiding gravel or other rough roads unless you absolutely need to. Installing a dash cam can add extra protection when you’re on the road. Because if you’re driving your classic car, you want to take the best care you can of it. That means having the right insurance, making sure you’re driving defensively, and doing everything you can to keep your car from accident. If in the event of an accident, a dash cam can greatly improve your chances of receiving a substantial reimbursement for the collision. And if you’re worried about how a dash cam looks in your classic ride, if it’d ruin the experience of reliving those classic moments, you shouldn’t be worried. Dash cams are advancing all the time to be as discreet, and unobtrusive as possible.

Follow the above tips, and your classic car will always look brand new and in top-notch condition.

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