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While it’s easy to go overboard when it comes to car accessories, that doesn’t mean that accessories are a bad thing. From seat covers to electronics, there is an interior accessory that benefits every type of driver. Hopefully, each accessory is a one-time investment that lasts for the entire life of the car. Here are a few important components to consider adding to your vehicle's interior.


A GPS navigation system has become standard in many vehicles. The computer touch screen helps you to find your destination using local and national maps. On hands-free systems, you don't touch the screen at all and receive audible driving directions. This makes it safer for you or anyone else to drive. Overall, increase the success of a trip with this type of navigation.

A dashboard camera is for any driver who needs continuous video recording. Attach a dashcam with a mount to the dashboard or windshield. It's common for this device to be attached to the car's battery or electrical system. Record video for as long as the car is turned on or continue recording after the power shuts off.

An older or less sophisticated car model can be easily upgraded with a modern audio system. Using a smartphone or other connecting device, listen to any file on a portable music player through the car's speakers. Avoid wearing headphones or taking the portable device in and out of the car.


Common furnishings like floor mats are found in many vehicles. The mats work like carpets that cushion the feet of passengers. Without mats, the car collects dirt, debris, and stains that are hard to remove. Also, the mats are easy to remove and shake out when it's time to clean.

Similarly, seat covers protect the actual seats from stains and dirt. The wide range of materials include polyester, nylon, cotton, leather and more. Choose the right one based on the amount of traffic in your car. Some fabrics wear down faster than others, while others form stains that are harder to clean. There are options to buy covers that are stain resistant or machine washable.

When upgrading a car, many people forget about installing or upgrading components to the interior. You'll find that many accessories are helpful at keeping your car running in top condition. Increase the comfort and efficiency of your driving from the inside out.

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