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AVIC manufactures high quality commercial grade dash cams that are perfect for fleets, commercial vehicles (ie. delivery vehicles, taxi, Uber, Lyft drivers, etc). Their dash cams are tamperproof, and allow the dash cam to be hardwired directly into the car's electrical system, preventing anyone from tampering with the system. Their dash cams also feature a lockable memory card cover which prevents the driver from tampering with the footage stored on the SD card. Their dual lens dash cam also allows the camera to monitor the driver with infrared video, to keep an eye on whats going on in the vehicle. The dual lens AVIC dash cam, unlike other dash cams, has one lens facing inside the car allowing a business owner or fleet manager to keep an eye on what goes on inside the vehicle.With the quality found in their dash cams, and features built with fleet management in mind, their dash cam's are perfect for businesses.