Are you having functionality issues with your BlackVue dash cam? This guide is meant to help you fix issues with your BlackVue dash cam restarting or freezing during operation.


  1. Confirm that you are using a BlackVue branded SD card that came with the camera. We highly recommend using the BlackVue brand SD cards as they perform best with the camera and resolve a lot of WiFi connectivity issues the camera may experience with other brand SD cards. If you are not using the BlackVue brand SD card, please run the camera with the BlackVue SD card to see if the problem still persists.
  2. If the camera is restarting, please plug the camera into the car's cigarette outlet lighter, rather than the Power Magic Pro if you are using one. If the problem ceases to continue after the camera is plugged into the car's cigarette outlet lighter, then the problem is with the Power Magic Pro wiring.
  3. Complete a full reformat of the SD card and install the latest dash cam firmware version onto the SD card using the instructions below. We have found that a full reformat will fix many freezing/restart issues while a quick reformat (holding WiFi button for 10 seconds) will not fix many of the issues.
    1. How To Full ReFormat Your SD Card
  4. After completing all the steps above, plug the SD card back into the camera, power the dash cam, and see if the problem still continues.


If the steps above did not fix the problem, then please contact us at and let us know the problem you are experiencing, and whether you completed the steps above.

We will then figure out the best method to proceed. If we issue a return shipping label for warranty, please send back the front camera, rear camera (if a 2-channel system), as well as the SD card, without any mounts or cables, so we can diagnose the problem.