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Keeping your little one safe is one of the most important things you can do while driving. Thankfully, several child safety features can significantly increase your child's safety in the car. Below are the top five safety features that every car should have in order to keep your child safe.

Child Restraint Systems

Using child restraint systems while driving is the best way to keep kids safe. These include car seats, booster seats, and seat belt adjusters. Clypx Seat Belts explains, "Based on AAP and NHTSA guidelines, kids should be restrained in a CRS (child restraint system) while riding until the age of 12, regardless of state law. The unfortunate truth is that, starting at age 5, people begin to abandon booster and car seats, and by the age of 8 almost 80% of kids are not using any type of restraint system. " Therefore, regardless of age, children should always have some form of safety restraint to ensure proper protection.

Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks, which are included in the rear of most cars nowadays, are another way to protect your child. They automatically lock so that backseat passengers cannot open the door while the vehicle is moving or stationary. To make sure your child safety locks are activated, open your rear doors and look for a diagram near a switch or lever on the door frame.

Dash Cams

Dash cams can help parents to know what kind of driver they are, as well as help protect them in the event of an accident. Parents not only can watch footage to see if they or their driving-aged children have any dangerous habits they might need to change, but they can also have footage to prove innocence in the event of an accident or even receipt of a traffic ticket. Whether it’s for proof of innocence or gorgeous recorded scenery, dash cams have a lot of great benefits to offer parent drivers.

Anti-Pinch Automatic Windows

Curious children love to play with anything around them, especially automatic window controls in cars. Thankfully, anti-pinch windows are often included in cars today. These windows sense when there is any pressure against them as they roll up, at which point they begin to roll down, preventing your child's arms or fingers from getting pinched due to an accidental button press.

Smart Airbags

Most cars also have smart airbags now, too. These airbags have sensors that weigh front-seat passengers. If the person is under a specific weight, which a child almost always is, the airbag automatically turns off because airbags can actually be fatal for children. Which is another reason why many car manufacturers recommend children be 12 years or older before sitting in the front seat.

Though nothing can guarantee perfect safety, these five safety features will significantly enhance your child's protection. Use them to keep your little one safe from harm and your mind free from worry while you drive.

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