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Parenting a teenager is one of the hardest jobs in the world. They are not yet fully-grown, and still require guidance, yet crave independence. They may prefer to go out with their friend and experiment with dating casually, rather than stick around the family home. But the biggest challenge faced by many parents of kids in this age group is the fact that their teens will soon be getting driver's licenses. Of course, while it is healthy for parents to allow their children age-appropriate freedom, safety must always be a priority, and that is why a dashcam can be a really great idea. Here are a few points to consider:


  1. It Can Be Used to Keep an Eye on your Teen


Over the generations, as teens have begun to drive, parents have fretted over their safety and well-being. After all, like any other type of skill, mastering driving is a result of continuous experience, so how can a parent reasonably deduce that their teenager is completely prepared for what lies ahead in an emergency, if they have yet to prove themselves capable of doing so? That is where your trusty dashcam comes in. It is essentially the parents’ eyes and ears when they cannot be physically around to check up on their teens. 


  1. It Can Ensure Safe Driving


Knowing that they are being monitored, most teens will be more likely to adhere to the rules of the road as well as drive in a much safer fashion, including maintaining a reasonable speed limit at all times. Left to their own devices, a number of teenagers have proven themselves to be reckless. Members of this age group are more likely than any other in the United States to get into a car wreck at any given time, and they actually account for a whopping 30% of the total cost of all driving-related casualties. And while studies show that DUIs among teenagers have been declining over the past decade, the rates of DUIs among 19 to 24-year-olds indicate that teens and young adults still “show that the greatest need for education”, according to the Moorhead Law Group. Installing a dashcam can be a powerful protection against accidents and a deterrence against bad behavior such as drinking and driving.


  1. It Can Prevent Unfair Reporting Practices


If your teenager is unfortunate enough to experience a motor vehicle accident, and he or she is not legally at fault, having a dashcam around to keep a reliable and unalterable record may be the only way to exonerate him or her. Many times, the local police officers may be too quick to place the blame for an accident on a vulnerable teen in an effort to deescalate a situation quickly and without argument. However, a minor’s word may not always be effective in the court of law, especially when it clashes with what the responding officer reported at the time. By installing a trusty dashcam, you can be certain that your daughter or son will not be held accountable for another motorist’s mistake. However, even if your teen’s accident is determined to be his or her fault, he or she will be able to review the footage and learn from his or her miscalculation going forward.


  1. It Can Lead to Generous Car Insurance Discounts


There are a few car insurance companies that are happy to reward drivers, especially families with teenage children, who are willing to install dashcams in their vehicles. This is due to the fact that these dashcams have the ability to continuously monitor for habitual safety, as well as provide protection against vandals. Remember, not all insurance companies have policies in which this type of discount is available, so you must ask ahead, or shop around for a company that does. It’s a great policy to have, as it can lower your annual premium and save you a ton of money over time.


In conclusion, having a dashcam installed on the vehicle that your teen will be driving can be advantageous in several different ways. You will always know that he or she is safe and protected, and you may even be able to save a bit of money to boot.




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