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There are many legal options available to people who get into accidents. Most people will not hesitate to sue a trucking company — or any company — over even a minor accident, even if the truck company is not at fault. And that’s just one reason why dash cams can be essential to a fleet’s wellbeing.

Trucking Accidents Are Costly

Many car accidents include expensive car repairs, medical bills and the threats of lawsuits. However, the highest costs come from accidents involving semi trucks. There could be a ton of weight that is unloaded onto a small vehicle or a tank of gas that causes a massive fire. All around, the severity of the injuries and the death rates are higher.

Semi truck accidents are less frequent but more costly for the trucking company. Truck fleet drivers could face unfair litigation from injured drivers or their family members. They may be fined or suspended from work for several months. In the worst situations, they are charged with manslaughter or reckless endangerment. (Image Courtesy of MJ Hino Trucks)

The Need for Monitoring

There are several ways to protect your company and its fleet drivers. Your drivers cannot be blamed if they show their innocence of what really happened during an accident. Install dash cams to video record the accident from the driver's perspective. (Image Courtesy of Clean Fuel Connection)

Every plane has a black box that records the last moments of a flight before it crashes. A trucking company should have a recorder that says who is at fault and details why the accident happened. Not just for their own protection in court, but also for improving how your drivers drive. Camera footage cannot be easily manipulated, so any video recording is valid and useful in court. A dash cam also records acts of theft and vandalism if they occur.

All fleet drivers should be informed of their legal rights before they get onto the road. They should know what to do if they ever get sued or arrested, and should be prepared should the worst happen while they drive The company should not just install equipment that monitors employees, but tell them how to use it and how to stay safe. Hiring a lawyer to assist in these matters is recommended for fleet companies.

Dash cameras are recommended for fleet drivers who are working on the road every day. Video footage is necessary to protect them from paying for accidents that they did not cause, and it can even lower your business insurance to have them. It also protects the company from suffering from fines and lawsuits that they don't deserve to have. The dash cam is the first form of protection to choose just in case an accident happens.

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