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Nextbase Secondary Dash CCams

Is front-only coverage no longer adequate? Nextbase has you covered with their incredibly useful modular secondary cameras! With a secondary dash camera, you can expand your vehicle's coverage from 'front-only' to 'front + rear' or 'front + interior.' This ensures that you have footage whether you are rear-ended, bumped in a parking lot, have a head-on collision, and so on.

Nextbase secondary cameras come in two styles:

  • Classic Wired: This is the standard setup for most secondary cameras. The camera is mounted to the rear window of your vehicle and is attached to your front camera by a cable that's hidden along the headliner or floorboard of your vehicle.
  • Direct-Attached: Each compatible Nextbase dashcam has an HDMI input on the side of the camera that one of these modular secondary cams plugs directly into. No wires, no installation; two dashcam units becoming one in beautiful dashcam harmony.
Nextbase Secondary Dash Cam Examples


3 Options To Choose From

  • Rear Window-Mounted Rear-Facing Camera: Mounted on your rear window and connected via cable to the front-facing Nextbase dash cam. This offers the best viewing angle for rear recording but is slightly more difficult to install as the cable must be connected between front and rear cameras.
  • Direct-Attached Rear-Facing Camera: Connects directly in to the side of your Nextbase 322/422/522/622GW dash cam and records a "zoomed in" rear view of your journey through your car's back windshield. Installation could not be easier but has a slightly more limited rearview.
  • Direct-Attached Interior-Facing Camera: Also plugs into the side of your dash cam. Extremely easy install, wide-angle view to film the interior/cabin of your vehicle. This particular option is ideal for rideshare (Uber/Lyft), taxis, teen drivers, company vehicles, or anyone else where recording what happens inside the vehicle is of utmost importance.
Camera Module Compatibility P/N 122 222 322GW 422GW 522GW 622GW
Rear Window Rear-Facing Camera NBDVRS2RWC
Direct Connected Rear-Facing Rear Camera NBDVRS2RFCZ
Direct Connected Interior-Facing Camera NBDVRS2RFCW

Included in the Box

Each secondary camera sold separately.

  • Wired Rear Camera
    • 1 Wired Rear Camera (Wire attached)
    • 1 Magnetic Mount
  • Connected Rear Camera
    • 1 Modular Rear Camera
  • Connected Interior Camera
    • 1 Modular Interior Camera
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