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When looking to upgrade your vehicle, the options are endless and often overwhelming. Although it can be hard to parse through the benefits offered by the varying options, here are five excellent choices to spring for if you want to transform a good car into a great car.

Parking Sensors

By using the technology of sound wave recognition, parking sensors alert drivers when they are getting too close to surrounding objects. These sensors are generally activated when the driver puts the car into reverse. Aftermarket parking sensors are available in a variety of price points depending on the features offered, making this a customizable option for any vehicle.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors allow vehicle operators and passengers to enjoy fresh air circulation during any weather condition with reduced wind noise. Most deflectors are mounted on the top of the window, creating a barrier above, and around the upper part of the window gap. This fun accessory helps you to bring the fresh air of the great outdoors into your vehicle without having to sacrifice the peace and quiet, it also provides protection from rain and other weather inconveniences. Specially tinted window deflectors are useful for keeping the sun glare at bay while other deflectors discourage bugs from entering the vehicle.

Heads-up Displays

The latest rage in emerging automobile technology is the heads-up display. These innovative navigation displays are projected on to the windshield, ensuring that the driver's eyes never have to leave the road. Not only does this service provide turn directions, but it also displays critical information such as current speed, engine warnings, and mileage.

Rearview Camera

This technology is now required on all new vehicles by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You can easily install this camera on your car as an aftermarket option if your vehicle is still without this equipment. Not only do these cameras help to save lives, but they also make reversing and backing into tight parking spots a much easier task.

Bluetooth Capabilities

The possibilities of a Bluetooth connected stereo sound system are vast. Today's connected world often necessitates that drivers remain connected at all times. A Bluetooth equipped vehicle can help you achieve this connectivity while helping to improve safety. Drivers with a Bluetooth stereo can make hands-free calling and also operate the music from their phone through the car stereo.

Upgrading your vehicle with any of these options will not increase its market value, but it will also make the car more convenient and fun to drive. The possibilities are endless when looking to give your vehicle a technology and aesthetic facelift.

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